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Beta testing - Digiteyez - 05-31-2011

Anthropics  send me a link to download to beta test their latest program a few weeks ago. My Pc has been rebuild and now I have unable to locate the download and program.
Thank you Anthropics and apologies.

RE: Beta testing - Gary - 06-01-2011

Hi Robert

I've send a PM to you with the beta download links


RE: Beta testing - Digiteyez - 06-01-2011

Gary - many thanks for responding so quickly, it will be my pleasure to give you feedback.
Cheers Robert

RE: Beta testing - Digiteyez - 06-02-2011

Re Smart photo editor beta program:
I was tweaking an effect with the fade slider and the program crashed....
does this program has an autosave function or any possibility to take a "snapshot" of the situation before finalising the end result?

RE: Beta testing - Gary - 06-02-2011

There is an option "save as session" in the File menu. A session will save what you are doing so you can continue later.

The beta software will continue working for a while longer, but we do not need bug reports for this any more.

We have released a non-beta version of the software with many improvements, and there is a free trial of this available on the http://www.smartphotoeditor.com web site.