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(04-07-2012, 03:24 AM)williamting Wrote: [ -> ]French translator is quite good! Otherwise, other than a few words which I remembered while studying French for a month some 35 years ago, I haven't got a clue what had transpired above! So it also means that we could help our French speaking community if they post in French. (But I know that most French do speak/write English).

Traducteur français est très bon! Sinon, autre que quelques mots dont je me souvenais alors étudier le français pendant un mois il ya 35 ans, je n'ai pas la moindre idée de ce qui avait transpiré ci-dessus! Donc, cela signifie aussi que nous pourrions aider notre communauté française parlant s'ils postent en français. (Mais je sais que la plupart des Français ne parler / écrire en anglais).

I hope the translation above is ok?!


translate.google does a good job. It is not perfect, but English is such a hard language to work with, being that in the states we have 50 or so variants (slang).

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