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Full Version: Changes from V10.1.3 to V10.1.6
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Here is a list of changes since the last update, which was 10.1.3

- Now uses user's home folder as default folder for file open dialog when PP first run
- Example images are not listed in the recent files in the file menu
- Fixed wrong color space being used when 2nd face being marked up and use icc from picture set
- Fixed problem with hair tidying changes not being undoable
- Memory requirements back to being the same as 10.1.3
- Added Ctrl+L cmd to store license for all users of machine
- Added help button to settings dlg
- Now always tries to load unknown file extensions as raw
- Fixed excessive memory requirements
- Fixed std edition not preserving color profile
- Fixed crash in iris finder when iris is close to edge of image
- Fixed problem with tablets in mouse mode on Windows