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Full Version: First offering - opinions welcome
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Hello everyone,

I spent ages in the past using Elements 3 trying to get this shot to look half way decent and couldn't get it anywhere near as good as I have this evening in PP. I bought PP yesterday and am just learning to use it so can't claim to have done this in minutes, but I certainly haven't spent anything like as long as I did in PSE3 where the results were not as good. My aim was mainly to improve the appearance of the skin. There have been no adjustments in any other program other than a bit of sharpening.

Nicely done!
Good job, Fred.  You and PP have really made her quite attractive.  You made her look good; PP makes us look good!

Keep it up.

Thanks guys. It was an extremely poor starting image and a real test for PP, which passed with flying colours.
One of the better attempts i have seen on here. Fixed for a reason, not just for the sake of it.. good job!
She got HOT!......like quick with PP.
yes...well done