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Full Version: Registration/Validation
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The trial version of PP can't be activated with a token.  In order to download the full version, a current token is needed (which is emailed once payment has been made).  The token needs to be input on the PP site to download the full version.  Once installed, the token is AGAIN needed to Activate the product.  Why isn't the one, initial, token input (to download the full version) the only time a token is required.  Seems to be a "belt & braces" situation to me !
The reason for the first token entry is that you are on our license manager page that will show you the product that the token is for, any upgrade options available and also download links for that product.

After downloading the product it will sometimes require activation using the same token that was entered previously. However if the license was already installed this won't be necessary. It is true that in cases where the token is needed we could miss out this step because the token was already typed in on the web page moments earlier.

For this to work we would have to customize the download so that it already had the token encoded in it, and then we would have to digitally sign it again to ensure that browsers didn't issue warnings. It would also mean that if you later on gave your download to someone else then they would also be sharing your activation token.

Alternatively we could show links for all of our software on a page and leave it up to users to download the correct software that they have a license for.

Of all the options I think that what we have now is best. Its not perfect though, I agree.

"gave the download to someone else" ?? Perish the thought !! Smile