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Full Version: Upgrade problems
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I have upgraded studio ver 9 to studio ver 10 and now I cannot get the software to run. I loaded the software and open it up insert a picture and choose the gender and thats when the error comes and the software shuts down
this is the error i get
AppName: portraitprofessionalstudio.exe AppVer: ModName: qtgui4.dll
ModVer: Offset: 000cace9

I am very dissapointed in the support that i have received I have opened several tickets with no responce. It makes me believe the you guys really don't know how to get your upgrade to wrok right. ver 9 work for me fine. Fix it please I rely on your software heavily
I am runnin
g window xp service pk 3 p4 2.5 ghz proc 2gb mem ati 8700 video card and also use photoshop cs4
Hi, I also have the same issue, and as pointed out in the other post referencing qtgui4 the problem only occurs when opening a picture that has been taken in landsape mode.

Interestingly though the problem does not occur in the trial version.

I too have opened a ticket and am awaiting a reply.

We are replying to tickets as quickly as possible, please bear with us it gets extremely busy around releases. We are doing our very best.

Warm regards,
Anthropics Technology