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Is it acceptable to post artistic nudes in this forum?
ChuckBerg Wrote:Is it acceptable to post artistic nudes in this forum?

Hi Chuck,

That question should probably be sent via the "contact us" link below in the lower left corner of this page. I'm pretty sure this is a family friendly scene and as such would not allow. I think it would be worth a check.

I think it's a good question. This forum is run for the benefit of all our users, so it's not something I'd want to impose an answer on, but perhaps it's worth having the debate. It's going to become more relevant in the future when we release our body sculpting technology, which is aimed to work on both clothed and nude figures. Perhaps a good solution would be to have a separate section or even forum for nudes. What do people think?

I think a separate forum section for partial or full nudes would be appropriate. Perhaps as an opt in. To limit liability, one could have to provide their valid serial number to join in, thus ensuring the participants are at least of age to have paid for the software. For owners this is a small, one-time inconvenience.
I'm up for an opt-in forum. I shoot artistic nudes from time to time, and would like to have a forum where I can get critique, and share ideas without offending anyone. On my forum we simply mark the thread NWS (not work safe) and/or a "nudity" word in the title.
I agree, a separate section for nudes would be a good solution. Reader could decide if they wish to view this section or not...
Why go through all that work, just post them as a link to where they are hosted along with a description and that way each user can decide. You could also tag the subject NUDE:
Bring it on................ the more tits and bums the better IMHO ................
I reckon LeeLove has the right idea (above). In the bigger picture, who defines the term "artistic"? What is artisitic to one could be porn to another.
A difficult issue to resolve....... although most photography sites do have a section for nude photography under its own tab, it remains the responsability of the posting photographer to load and tag his image correctly...... regrettably this doesn't always happen.

Very much a grey area for this "family" site.
Just my thoughts............
Being new on here, I was going to ask the same question, as a lot of my portrait shots are topless anyway. Ok, they can be cropped to head and shoulders, but the overall effect of the pic is then lost.......Anyway, a separate forum or folder my be the answer ?
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