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Full Version: Saved file smaller than original
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Hi, I just started using Version10 and it's fantastic! I'm having one problem though. After I edit a photo and save it the file is less than half the size of the original. For instance the one I just finished is originally 4.20MB and then 1.8MB post edit.

I had the same problem with Version9 but resolved it by changing the default setting for picture bit depth to 'Always Use 16 Bit (Higher Quality)'.
My Version10 was already set to 16 Bit so this must have been a fluke that my changing this setting resulted in larger post edit file size.

Any ideas?

Image file size can be a bit misleading in terms of image quality. With compressed file encoding (jpg and compressed tiffs) the file size is representative of the amount of 'information' in a picture (smooth flat areas having less information than detailed areas). When you remove spots blemishes etc, you are also removing information, hence file sizes are typically smaller when saving from PP. The acid test is what the actual file looks like. If a file looks good, then I hope that's the important thing rather than the file size!

If you want to be totally sure that you are not loosing anything save as a lossless tiff.

OK. Makes sense. Thanks Tony!