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Full Version: Re-activation of PP after clean instalation of Windows
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Thanks, that worked. I've been without it for four months and really
missed it. Again, thanks.

Gary Wrote:Hi,

I entered your email address to our license page http://portraitprofessional.com/licenses and I couldn't see any error messages. What was the link that you were trying to use?

What I did will have caused an email to be sent to you containing a link for managing your license. You can use this to disable your old license and issue yourself with a new token for installing Portrait Professional again.

Anthropics Technology
hi Gary,

When I enter the machine finger print and the token.  I got the message which indicate that the token already used.

What can I do?
No problem, just go to our support pages and create a ticket and our support people will help.

I have a suggestion that can solve all these problems.  When the program is purchased, PP should include an dongle, that way the program can run on any one computer as long as the dongle is installed on a particular computer.
I have make products that use dongles before, and unfortunately many people don't like using them because they get lost or broken, or people just don't like crawling around on the floor to plug them in.

It would have a further disadvantage that anyone deciding to buy would then have to wait while we shipped out the dongle.

Good dongles are also quite expensive, and we try to make Portrait Professional as inexpensive as we can.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I think our current methods are still the best option.

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