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Full Version: Activation token
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I just purchased the software and I just uninstall and re-install about 3 times and I don't get a pop-up for me to enter the activation token.

Some one please help.

Hi Michelle,

When you paid for Portrait Professional we sent you a link to the full version and this asked for the activation token the first time to used the application. After that it doesn't matter how many times you un-install and re-install the software on that computer because it already has a license and it won't need to ask for a token again.

I checked our server logs and can see that you now have the fully enabled, licensed version of Portrait Professional installed and working.

If you try working on a picture you will notice that at the end of the process you will not see the "preview" watermark and you will see the option for saving your picture.

If you have any other problems please let me know.

Anthropics Technology