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Full Version: Learning the program !
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My neice ( 13 yrs old ) was thrilled with this picture because it made her look older. Any suggestions on how to work with a teenage without making them look like they are in their 20's ? Not so sure I did a good thing here ! Hahaha ![attachment=179][attachment=180]
A little less makeup would probably make the subject look their age. I have two daughters of my own and when they were young teenagers (around the 12-15 year mark) any makeup they wore was to enable them to get into 18+ venues, until the introduction of the Proof Of Age I.D. card, by which time they were both over 18 anyway !
I agree with AKR less makeup would help. Another helpful tip would be age appropriate dress and smile like a child/preteen. You know that goofy, showing all your teeth saying "hey look at me, I'm taking pictures". You can also take a look at Jr High/High school portraits to get an idea of the "right look" so she looks age appropriate. Hope that helps.