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Full Version: JPGs & TIFs from PP are corrupted...any clues?
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I bought, loaded and loved PP yesterday. Until I tried to open the files I had created with it. I tried both JPGs and TIFs, and in both cases the files had errors within them that made them unreadable. In Windows XP, you can see a tiny icon image of each photo in Windows Explorer, but it couldn't create icons for images saved from PP. The files couldn't be opened in Photoshop, Microsoft's Image Previewer or Irfanviewer. I opened a support ticket, but haven't gotten a reply.

Anyone else have this trouble? If so how did you solve it? By the way, I powered down the computer and restarted it, but that didn't help.
Hi Martin,

How are you saving? It sounds like you might be using 'save session' which creates a .pp file, a Portrait Professional session file for when you want to continue editing an image later on within Portrait Professional. I am sending you a private message also so I can find out the details of your license.

Warm regards,
Anthropics Technology