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Full Version: PS Actions Can't Remember PortaitPro Preset
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I'm Ash.  15+ years commercial shooter. Mostly portrait work.

I'm trying to automate my retouching process which uses Portrait Pro.   I've created a photoshop action in which I:

1. Open the PP plugin via Filter menu.
2. Select my PP preset.
3. Return to image.

This layer is then blended down to about 50%

On testing, this works fine.   However, later in my retouching process, I use PP again for hair and background adjustments.
This layer is not blended down.

I have compiled my entire retouching process into a single action by recording the playing of the various actions.

The issue I am having is the the PP plugin only remembers the last selected preset.  It doesn't apply the preset that was recorded in the PS action. 

Any fix?