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Full Version: before and after keeping natural aspects
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I try to keep my touch-ups as natural as possible.  I find that some touch-ups are a bit too done.

Anyone else have feedback thoughts on this?
Hello Jillian 737, and welcome to the family.  I certainly agree with you that people have a tendency to over-retouch when getting started with a retouching program; I did!  My first several PP projects ended up with some very creamy, airbrushed-looking faces, but they were so unnatural as to be contrived looking.  So we all need to come to a balance between "not enough" and "too much."

Since you have invited feedback, may I comment?  My thinking is that this lovely young lady would benefit from a bit more touchup.  I think you could adjust your sliders up a bit more in order to remove some obvious blackheads and to blend tonal variations.  You can do this and still maintain the fresh, natural look that is so appealing in a young girl.  I would remove all of the lines and blemishes on her forehead, crop out some of the vacant space to her left, and apply slight smoothing to her hair.  Why not let the program perform its "default" retouching on this; then make adjustments to that one way or another?

I hope you have good success with this and other projects.
Nice backlighting!