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Full Version: Suggestions for next Portrait Pro version
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Here are some serious Feature Request, some more easily achieved than others:

1 Ability to work with Profiles and everything in between full front face.

2 Greater ability to re-shape noses.

3 Using original filenames and adding descriptive names based on settings (e.g. Bob H Original Jaw Mouth Shaping Hair Lighter....) perhaps some simple code that reflect the modifications/edits.

4 Improved AI based cutout of the background, especially fine wispy hair.

5 Ability to shift gaze (intelligent shift of the eyeball) to look up, down, and to either side to various degrees

6 AI based ability to shift the face, as in Photoshop Elements 2021 -Left to Right, Up Down,  and Tilt

7 AI based ability to alter Face Age up and down as in Photoshop CC 2021 Neural Adjustments

If you would like one or more of these please add your support for these features with a post and /or take the poll.