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Full Version: PP 21 not working as a plugin on MacOs Catalina with Lightroom
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I used for a long time PP on a PC with Lightroom.
I recently moved to a Mac with Catalina and I configured PP 21 Studio to be used as an external editor for Lightroom (following tutorial for version 17 on Vimeo, like I did for the PC version years ago). I also enabled Auto plug-in Mode in PP21 Settings.
When I try to edit an image in PP21 opening it from Lightroom Classic, PP21 starts but it doesn't allow me to come back to Lightroom and only allows to save the image, proposing a different name.
When I used PP21 as a smart filter from Photoshop, it works as expected and I'm just able to come back to Photoshop.

In the PP21 manual there isn't any section about Lightroom integration...

Has this new version a problem with Catalina or am I doing something wrong?