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Full Version: Daughters
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[attachment=147][attachment=147][attachment=152][attachment=153][attachment=150][attachment=151]My daughters wanted "glamour" shots to give to their husbands, so we shot these portraits and I touched up with PP.  Unfortunately the light was bad (very cloudy day) and I had to use a high ISO which caused a lot of noise, so they're not as sharp as I would like.  Please give me honest critique.  I'm trying to learn!
Janet Wrote:I didn't include the unedited versions because they're in Raw format and of course huge files.  But believe me, PP made a big difference.  Both my daughters have some mild acne scarring and enlarged pores, which are gone now!  If only we could use PP on our faces in real life!
Mmmmmmmmm .............green eyes & red hair ......... nice combination Smile
Believe it or not, that is her true hair color.  I did make her eyes more green though! And I just realized it looks like I uploaded the same photo twice, sorry.
Our Prime Minister's got red hair ! Red haired folks here get called "Ranga" or "Blue"
I like them, just one thing though; the bench shot is slightly drab and underexposed. Look at the row of image buttons and you'll see what I mean, the rest are great.