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Full Version: Frequently Shuts Down
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First let me say that I love PP! I am currently running a trial version and would like to purchase the program. But before I do so, I have one question/problem with the program: it frequently shuts down on me, especially if I am using the healing tool or sometimes when I am adjsting the toggles on the right. Is this because this is a trial version? Or is it because of my computer not having enough juice for PP. If the latter, what are the recommended minimums? I've tried the program on two different systems. Both run Windows XP service pack 3. One has 2.99 Ghz and 768 MB of RAM, the other runs with 2.4 GHz and has 1.99 GB of RAM.

Again, I love the program, and I can try to save often, but any guesses as to why it randomly shuts down on me?

Could you open a support ticket on the Portrait Professional site and the people there should be able to help.