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Full Version: Error "Could not complete the PortraitPro command"
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When returning to Photoshop from PortraitPro Studio I've got error message:

"Could not complete the PortraitPro command because of a problem with the filter module Interface."

Reinstalling Photoshop or PortraitPro does not solve issue.

Steps to recreate:
1. Load into Photoshop any RAW / PSD file
2. Use selection tool (e.g. lasso) to select face area
3. Launch plugin PortraitPro 
4. Edit in PortraitPro 
5. Click in PortraitPro "return to Photoshop"
6. Error pops up.

Anyone got same issue or solution ?

PortraitPro Studio (64-bit) Version:
Adobe Photoshop Version: 20.0.10 20200706.r.120 2020/07/06: 1208496 x64