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Full Version: Making corrections without doing facial enhancement
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I often create an image with Portrait Professional and save it and go back to the image to make changes to the skin, eyes, etc. My question is when I bring the saved image back in to the stand alone Portrait Professional software, I am required to do the facial enhancement process again before I can get to the skin, eyes, etc to make changes. Is there a way to go directly to the sliders without doing the facial enhancement again?
Just press the space bar until you get to the part you want to change
If you want to go back and re-adjust a photo you edited in Portrait Professional, you'll need to save it as a Session (in the file menu).

If you are asking about quickly getting to the sliders, there is an option in the settings menu that enables a button that lets you skip a lot of the point placing (albeit with less sliders at the end).

Or you are asking is can you keep a set of point placements, and apply them to a newer copy of the picture? Currently there is no facility to do that.