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Full Version: Saving New Sliders
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I am running PP as a plug in thru CS5 - I save my new sliders and name them but they do not show up in the list. If I open PP program itself (not as the plug in) it shows the sliders in the list. I can overwrite a slider already in the list and that works and my settings are saved correctly.

But why doesn't the sliders I create show up in the list when working in CS5 as a plug in?

I am using Studio 9 - 64bit
The saved sliders will only show up in Portrait Professional, not in Photoshop.  All of the adjustments are made in Portrait Professional before the completed image is transferred to Photoshop.  The Help file explains this in more detail.  Help > Contents > Sliders
Thanks, I will read there and see if I can understand that.
Although I'm not looking for the sliders in Photoshop. When I select the plug in it opens up Portrait Professional so I'm working in PP and it is not showing the sliders I create in the list. What is odd is it lets me save them just doesn't list them in the list. If I open PP not as a plug in they are there.

Should the PP program work the same as a plug in as it does when you open it by itself?
Dunno sparker ............. perhaps a ticket to support will give you the information/help you require.
This looks like it is down to Microsoft's directory virtualization in Vista and Windows 7.


my first thought is that Photoshop is running with Administrator rights, and also launches the Portrait Professional plugin that way. However when Portrait Professional is run stand-alone it doesn't need Administrator rights and so has a different "virtual" directory containing the saved sliders.

you can get to the "saved sliders" directory using the shortcut in the start menu where Portrait Professional is installed.

for more help on this could you open a support ticket on our site where we have a team of support people who can help with your specific problem.