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Full Version: Install PPro in 3 computers, is that possible?
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I want to buy a PPro Studio version, I have 3 computers, 1 at home, 1 at office and a laptop, im wondering if I can use one version that Im going to buy to install in there 3 computers , would that be possible? Please anyone know about this..

As far as I am aware, most developers permit the installation of their software on more than one computer, providing that only one copy of the programme is being used at any one time. To be on the safe side I'd suggest you submit a support ticket to clarify this. Anthropics don't monitor this forum 24/7 so if you open the programme, click on Help > Support you'll be taken to the right place to submit a ticket.

Our license agreement says one install per computer, so you will have to buy 3 licenses if you want to use it on all three computers.