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Full Version: download Portrait Professional 9 Trail but Can not Run
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I download Portrait Professional 9 Trail but Can not Run

Access violation at address 004153BA in module 'PortraitProfessionalTrialSetup.exe'.Write of address 0041000

How Can I do ?

could you contact our support people about this and they will be able to help.

this is the link http://www.portraitprofessional.com/support/

Hi Gary,
Can u plz send me the download link of PP10 Beta/ final
Version 10 is being developed and is not finished yet. We are not running a beta of version 10, and what we are planning is to complete the development and then enter a user testing phase where any problems will be fixed. It is unlikely that we will need to have a beta version after that because we don't expect the testing to show up many problems. Also we know a lot of people are waiting for version 10 and we don't want to introduce unnecessary delays.