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Full Version: Chroma Green background
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I use ProtraitPro mostly for replacing backgrounds. The person sends me headshots and I replace the current background with one with their logo on it. I have her take the photos with the subject in front of a solid background, mostly white or tan background, but sometimes it is still difficult to get a clean replacement around the edge of the subject, face, cloth and hair. Will a Chroma Green background work well with ProtraitPro? I'm currently using PP19.

I recommend you to use green or blue. If possible, avoid white as it is very difficult to work on those hair which is white or light colour. Subject must stand at least 1 meter (or 3 feet) away from the background and the background is evenly lit.

We choose green (for chroma) or blue because not many people wear green/blue clothing. Hence it is easier to do a cleaner removal. Avoid extreme light when taking picture. I normally use F5.6.

Also make sure that the material is muslin, ie, non reflective.
Sorry for replying so late and thanks for your input. I see what you mean about the distance, I had the subject two ft from the green background and still got a reflection on the subject. I was using a flat fluorescent green foam board, it was pretty dull but still had the reflection. I didn't have a chroma green foam board, but I'm assuming I will still have the same problem with reflection.