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Full Version: Artifact when "Skin Lighting & Coloring" is "On"
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im having a  "small" problem when editing my photos. Sometimes when "Skin Lighting & Coloring" is "On" ( activated ) its create some "artifacts" like on this photo. Generally it happens around the face ( cheek edge / jaw ) or around the mouth/lips like this photo.

When it happen around the face i just move the anchor points a little bit to inside the face and i can avoid it. But when it happen at lips i cant fix it...

If i turn OFF "Skin Lighting & Coloring" option, the artifacts disappear. If i use the controls to remove effect mask on the local it disappear too, but i lose ALL effects on that area.

Any hint how to solve it?

Im using PortraitPro 18 Studio Max 18.4 64bit