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Full Version: move more than 1 outline point before it gets applied
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Can there be a mode where you can make a movement on more than 1 point before the live adjustment happens.  It's very slow/tedious to work through an image like this.  I would prefer to adjust all the "off" points and then hit a "Go" button...  I have Studio edition but that is not the answer - want to keep the workflow in photoshop.

Let me suggest that after the initial outline appears that you click on the “Back” button in the upper right of the UI. . That will let you work on the entire outline before any adjustment is made to the image. I do this as a matter of course now, as it speeds up the process and results in a better outline.
That does help a lot! Thanks!
An advantage of this mode is that it offers automatic zooming to each area in the dotted squares.
Could you try again? Not quite sure what you’re asking for.
Not sure why the workaround that I suggested would not be sufficient for you
Are you referring to lips, or eyebrows, or eyes, for example? It would be great to move the whole section at onee.