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Full Version: UpGrade to New Portrait Pro
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First of all I am under a 27 inch Mac and have Portrait Pro 15 Studio Max installed on my system (15.7 - 64 bit) I would be interested in upgrading to the Body Max version but want to know how it changes body mass etc on a busy background other than white, grey or one simple colour like blue. The samples, or most samples show it conducting itself on very simple backgrounds like white, grey etc.

Hi Tunney,

If you are working with a busy background and notice background distortion, You can use the "drag" tool to make gross changes to the background (roughly re-align object etc.). Then use the "repair" tool to fix and small distortions. Alternately, you can use the "revert" tool (select the repair tool and hold down shift) to move parts of the image back to their original positions.

You can download the free trial to test here: http://www.portraitprobody.com/download/
Thanks for your reply..

never mind, figured it out, just upgraded to pp17 but plugin wasn't working in photoshop after install. Opened portrait pro and did plugin a 2nd time, now it works in photoshop. (Mac running Yosemite)
(07-04-2018, 03:19 PM)jeniferpandey Wrote: [ -> ]hello,
i dint wanted to post a new thread and this seeemed like . a relevant thread
PortraitPro has been constantly crashing on Mac running High Sierra 4.9 Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.
this started with  the upgrade
I've the error logs where do I send them?

Please enter a support ticket at:    https://support.anthropics.com
If you have registered/gone thru the process before when you purchased PP, you should have an activation token. You will need that, and when you upgrade, you will receive a new token for the latest version, which is now v21, and then can download the latest version. Make sure your computer meets the latest system requirements (on a Mac, it's 10.14). Go into your PP program and check for updates under the Help menu.