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Full Version: Irritating Slider Bar
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Would it be possible to remove the slider bar that appears in the "After" window right on top of the face you want to watch change as you move the slider?

It's not too bad when zoom equals "Face" , but in "Fit" it obliterates the face altogether.  It doesn't serve any purpose that I can see, the position of the sliders can be seen in the control panel


I don't think I see that that slider in the image window. You can configure the window layout so that the sliders don't impinge on the image window.
Thanks Wick,

It's possible to move the image to the left to avoid the slider, but then you can't display the "before" and "after" images.

To clarify, I'm not talking about the actual slide controls, that panel can be placed anywhere on the screen, I mean the slider image that appears on the screen as soon as you click on a slider