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Full Version: A lot of request :D
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Hi, i think that we all need this features in this amazing software:
  • Blending eyeshadow color: Choose 2 color to blend (including silver and gold), option for glitter and brush for redefine custom shapes.
  • Importing Mask! : Photoshop can better select hair and other things like skin etc... so it would be amazing to allow to import a PNG mask (black and white) created in photoshop for the image! So hair selection would be perfect!
  • Liquify tool.
  • Exclude part of face: what if my mouth is covered by a scarf? It would be nice to allow to exclude part of retouching areas (like an eye for profile face).
  • Nose waves: I've a wave on my nose if i look myself from a side.. liquify nose or auto-fix waves on nose would beĀ appreciated Big Grin
  • Beard: there's makeup for girls... but beard and mustaches for men? :Big Grin I'd like to choose kind of fur for beard and shapes...maybe using masking tools using photoshop PNG (read 2nd point) for make beard with tatoos Big Grin
I think can be enough for now :Tongue

What do you think about them?! I have Studio version (v15)