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Full Version: PP Body as an addon for PP
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Hi again,

I just don´t understand your methods. Why don´t you offer it as a plugin for Portraipro too?
I Agree this would be a great plugin to Portrait Pro so we could stay in the one program and not have to go back and forth.
Or perhaps down the road PP and PPB will be integrated into one program with an upgrade path for current owners of one or the other program, so it could be a plug-in without switching between them.
At the very least, a button in the toolbar in PPbody to load the photo in PP and one in the toolbar in PP to load the photo in PPbody when both apps are detected on the machine.

It would be nice if we could set a Portrait Pro launchpad as our Lightroom plugin when we have multiple PP apps. Then when we do ctrl-alt-e, the launchpad pops up and we can select which app we are wanting to use for our alternative editor. I only own PP and PP Body atm, but I assume having pro/studio versions of the other apps give you the option to launch them out of Lightroom too? If so, a launcher to use at the plugin between Lightroom and the editors would be awesome. Heck, I think it would be awesome even just owning the two PP products. lol
Great plugin to go with if option given.