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Full Version: hair and eye color change
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Changed hair color and eye color; had a bit of an issue with the black hair being picked up properly by PP15 in a small section, as though PP couldn't 'read' an area where it is darkest on the left side by her ear where it is blackest. If I try to change the hair to blonde it is even more apparent.

[Image: Brtscreenshot%202016-07-02%20at%201.06.01%20AM.png]
I also note that when changing hair color it changed skin color also; I guess I should have shut that off
Looks like a good job.
What I have discovered is that I need to be more careful on what PP has selected, sometimes I don't notice it has overrun an area and it needs adjusted. Am still enjoying the software, get lots of compliments on my photos from events I have covered, where I use PP just enough that they can't tell I have done anything but they wonder why they look so good, because I slightly change lighting effects and just touch up a bit. My secret.