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Full Version: Another Before/After w/PP15
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Her's one that is a little "tamer" but still a dramatic change.
I like what you've done there, very nice.
Yes, the change is extreme. Is that your desired style?
Change is very drastic. If you were advised to go that far then it's alright.
I liked it. Very nicely done Smile
A bit to severe for my liking.
I quite like the original image, nice light and colour. The hair on her forehead is too distracting, my eye goes straight to it and bring up the shadows to get more detail in the dress.
a bit over done i think. the subject is great, her expression is great. but too much processing
Is that your desired style?

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I like the first shot better, but that's just my taste. Nice light, good shot
I agree, I think it could be toned down a bit but it cool to experiment and figure out what is possible. Nice Shot!