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Full Version: Round trip back into LR
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Hello … I have just installed Portrait Pro Studio 12 (64 bit)
I've had no response in the Lightroom Integration thread …

I am unable to round trip back into Lightroom 5. (PSE … no problem).

When I installed, I choose for PP to run in both PSE and LR. I did not choose Aperture. I have the "auto plug-in mode" selected and I am selecting "save" once I am done editing. The edited file saves to the original imported folder but they do not open back in LR. (I am processing a "copy with Lightroom adjustments" as well)?

Mac 10.8.5
Lightroom 5.7

Please help … thank you,


edit to add: I have since fixed this problem, thank you anyway.

Under PP preferences - settings - general - I deselected "Don't save over original image file" and under "user interface settings" I selected "show enhance skin only"
I don't know what this did but it allowed the "return via plugin" option to show on the main page (which I had never seen before) which then allowed me to "save" the edited file back into LR.
All is good!
Good to know, thanks very much!