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Full Version: Too smooth?
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I've been using PP for a little bit but haven't used it to it's full potential; with that in mind I would be grateful for your feedback on this photo.

Personally I think it's too smooth but if I try and change it then the spots appear.

Thanks in advance.
Hi Richard, personally, I don't think you over-smoothed it. I can still see some very realistic texture in her skin, so I think you stopped at a good point. It looks like you have added some slight diffusion to the entire picture, which is also pleasant on the eyes.
Thanks for your comments John.
Hi Richard,

I agree that this looks pretty good to me. I also agree that you have lost some sharpness, but in total it is still ok. I´d prefer it a bit crisper though.

Obviously it might depend on the expectations of the model ...

What I sometimes do is that I leave some single spots by using a light "restore" brush on them - that way you can still us PP to remove the majority, still it give a fairly natural expression, because hardly anyone has the 100% perfect skin ...

Just an idea - MacSass
Has a slight soft focus look but is ok I don't think you went to far. What did the model think? That is what counts
Thanks tor both of your comments; still lots to play around with to get it right.