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I am learning this program and photography together.[attachment=702]
Very intriguing photo. Not typical at all, which I like. Nice job.
I think it is a nice piece of work!
This is indeed a very beautiful piece of work and I have also started makingĀ on the basis of the original photographs and I think this is a wonderful way to make customized portraits.
Hi swatcop

Looks as if you shot this with a large aperture giving a shallow depth of field, which is a good idea in portraiture.
Unfortunately the point of focus is a little too far back meaning that her eyes are soft whereas her ear looks sharp. Ideally eyes, or at least the eye nearest the camera, should be the sharpest part of the photo.

Otherwise a pleasing shot; the PP work looks fine to me.

Kind regards

I think the effect is ok. I don't like the split back round. I think it would have benfitted from a more uniform stting.

A few things I would work on here. Since she parts her hair on the right you should turn her to the other side. Always shoot the part side. Drop the chin down. When the chin is lifted like that your subject will appear like they are apprehensive about the camera being in their face. You lose the connection with the audience. You also need to watch out for the sternocleidomastoid. The neck muscle. You have her neck cranked so hard that it's flexing that muscle which makes her neck look bigger than it is. It takes away from her femininity. you can fix that by turning her shoulders into the camera slightly. Hope that helps
I would agree with the comments regarding focus. It appears that her necklace is tack sharp, but her eyes are soft. Nice image otherwise.
This image is interesting but I agree with everyone the focus is on the necklace and not on her eyes. She has a "deer in the headlight look" which can be resolved by just having her squinch a little and will give you that approachabily look.
(01-11-2015, 05:33 AM)swatcop Wrote: [ -> ]I am learning this programĀ and photography together.

a nice piece of work!
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