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Full Version: saving session in auto batch processing
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I have Portraitpro12 studio max edition. How do I save my batch session in pp files so I can go back and edit my slider settings later. The save session button will not let me select it. Confused about difference between manual vs. batch processing. Help! I go to control panel and open image batch, am offered no difference between manual or auto batch.
I add this to my post question - So "save session" means I have to save each individual file separately? Is there a way to save the whole project? Working with 40-50 files a batch.
Hi pbjphoto,

When using the batch mode, you can save the session file for the individual pictures by selecting the pictures from the lists of pictures on the left > File > Save session.

Note that you will have to save the session files for all of the images in the batch manually and one by one.
It would be great to be able to save the whole batch of files so I could go back at a later time to adjust outlines and fine tune the images. Doing this manually for each image is time consuming. Plus I am getting a runtime error when working with the batch. It does not happen if I work on single images. Very frustrating. Can you enlighten me on the runtime error?
Could you open a support ticket so our support team can determine exactly what is causing the runtime error: http://www.portraitprofessional.com/supp...icket_main