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Full Version: Squinting Eyes
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I have had to deal with a few portraits where the person's eyes were squinting. They liked the shot; however, when bringing into PP it added a ghost eye (added in iris and pupil) that extended down over the eye lid. I tried turning off the eye controls, but then I lost all control. I would like to keep all control accept for the part that adds in the iris / pupil. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!
Hello Greg,

You can disable all of the sliders relating to the Iris and Pupil by selecting the Eye Controls. You then see sub sliders listed, set all of the iris and pupil related sliders to 0 to disable any enhancements.
Hello AngAT,
That worked perfectly and was so obvious - not sure how I missed it! Thank you!
That's no problem at all, glad to have helped!