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I found the link to this software and just went WOOOW....
until I saw it was useless...
I think most pro's without thinking are willing to pay 200$ for a product like this if its standalone, I know I would, this tool in conjuction with DXO, Fractal, and a good archive system like Photostation or Iview... and maybe Bibble in addition, you wouldn't need Photoshop, the small adjustment you had to do, you could do with Gimp or other freeware editing tools... it would have been a huge savement even if it cost 200$.

Please send me an e-mail when you have a standalone version without weekly or monthly activations, and I will be first to buy a license to every workstation I have... +5 or so...

Until then I look elsewhere...

sad potential user

Andrew Wrote:Hi Jorg,

We are currently only offering a server based version of PortraitPorfession for two reasons.

Firstly, we have spent many man years ,and a considerable amount of money researching and developing the new technologies that have made this product possible.

These new technologies are unique in the world at this time. We would therefore be very unhappy to see the technology pirated, which sadly would almost certainly happen if parts of the software was not restricted to our servers.

Secondly, we would have to charge considerably more for a 'stand alone' version due to the loss of sales that would occur through piracy.

So for the time being we prefer to keep our prices low and offer only a server based product.

I would be interested to know how many people would be prepared to pay much more for stand alone software.

Best Regards,

Andrew from Anthropics Technology Ltd
Haefeli Wrote:Hi,

Exist a Version of PP for Computers wich are not conected to the Grid?
On my Fotoatelier i have 3 PC Stations but only one is connected to the WWW. The other 2 Stations are Offline Picture Enhancement stations.
Exist a possibility for use Picture Professional without a connection to the Antropix Server?
Thanx in advence for your reply

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