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Full Version: My daughter Charlotte
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My daughter wanted a few portraits of herself to give a special someone who is on a long trip, and asked that I take some to include flowers that Mr. Special had sent her.  

This was a simple two-light setup with a black background, at her request.  I'm not very pleased with the way I posed her hand and the flower; darkening it would help.  Still learning!!

Doing the necessary corrections using PP took only a few minutes.  The young man was delighted with the picture, so we reached our objective successfully.  

Comments and suggestions always welcome.
Looks very good.
I normally have to fight myself to not over smooth the hair in most photos...however....I just love the way the hair was done in this photo....it just adds to the dreamy romantic look of the entire picture....very well done...excellent.
Very well done with a very attractive subject. Would back off on the skin hue a tad. Excessive red vascularity is a common error in portraits.
Thanks for your comment, Gerund.  I'm not familiar with the term vascularity in regard to portraits; could you expound on it, please?  Also, your mention of excessive hue could use some explanation, for myself and perhaps other readers.  Thanks.
Perhaps vascularity is not the proper descriptive term.   What I meant to say is that skin hue would benefit with less red in it.
This can be accomplished by backing off on the skin hue slider. About a -45 on the skin hue slider in pp 10 would probably be adequate.   Excessive red is one of the most common complaints especially in female portraits.
Awsome portrait Johnabe. I was wondering if you used PP to darkened the background or did you use a black backdrop when taking the photo?

Thanks, Diasco. I used a black background and two lights for this photo.