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Full Version: 'bug' where pp couldn't find original file
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I upgraded from PP10 Studio to PP11 Studio (mac) 32 bit earlier today. Did a quick test run on a photo via the Photoshop CS5 plugin. Running Mac OS 10.6.8 on a dual core iMac with 4 gigs of ram.

I made some adjustments, but then wanted to look at the whole photo, not just the face, to check the rest of the skin color. When I then tried to save and return, PP couldn't find the original image, and gave me a message to the effect that the original file wasn't where it was before - BUT I hadn't moved it anywhere. So I couldn't save my work.

I went back in to pp, made some changes to the same image that was still in the same location it was before, but this time didn't select to show the rest of the photo, and then it saved the changed file.
I was building a product demo presentation in PowerPoint, and I was incorporating multiple screenshot images from Photoshop.