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Full Version: Align keyboard shortcuts with SPE and Photoshop
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it it would be nice if you could make the behaviour of the tools within PP align with your other product "Smart Photo Edito".
E.g. for using the smart brush in PP you have to hold the shift key to move the brush independent of the detector, while in SPE it is the alt key (or the other way around - I always keep forgetting).
I donĀ“t care what to use - but it should be the same in both tools.

Also it would be great if some commonly used keyboard shortcuts from Adobe Photoshop would make it into PP, e.g. use ctrl-0 to zoom to "fit" size, etc.

I think many people using PP also use Photoshop - so having common keyboard shortcuts where it makes sense would help.

Thanks and best regards - MacSass
Yes, indeed what you suggested would help a great deal.