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Full Version: Can´t do the selections
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after installing PP8 on my new computer, it isn´t possible anymore to select nose, mouth and the whole face. After selection on the first eye, the image jumps to a very big one that I can´t see the nose and mouth qo anymore. The image doesn´t zooms to a smaller size anymore as it does in Version6 and my first try on my old computer. I´m still on XP, only better hardware.
I´ve tried to reinstall Version6 whith the hope it solves the probleme, but same old soup with the "already in use code".
What can I do now?
It sounds like what you have done is click on the two corners of the same eye. If you read the instructions you will see it tells you to click on the left corner of the left eye then the right corner of the right eye.

You are right Tony, that was the probleme.
I always used to do it "left corner - right corner" in the former version, so I watched the new instruction not really. But good that here is an Forum for old women like me ;-)

How ever, the new version is a quantum jump!!

Thanks again for your help!