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Full Version: first time I used PP, it paid off
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Am mainly a news/sports photographer, but occasionally for friends/family will do couples photos and family photos.

Recently a woman celebrating her 90th birthday requested I take a photo of her for a news release about her birthday. I had installed PP the day before on my Mac.

Using basic presets and following the guide, PP greatly improved the photo, taking about 20 years off her face in a matter of minutes. Printed out the picture and gave it to her for free.

A few days after her picture appeared in a couple local newspapers, she stopped back in with a home-made coconut cream pie - yummy!

LOL...good story!

Oh, and pics (or it did't happen... Wink )
(02-24-2012, 02:31 PM)Slynky Wrote: [ -> ]LOL...good story!

Oh, and pics (or it did't happen... Wink )

I'll have to greatly downsize the pics or they show up giant size in the forum here, am using dropbox to link.