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Full Version: Anthropics is hiring
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We are looking for good people to join the team. If you are a bright developer with C++ experience in a commercial environment, and would like to be involved in the future of Portrait Professional please contact us through our Support System. Please note we have enough agencies on our books so there is no need for agencies to contact us.

To apply you should have:
+ Around 2 years experience in a commercial environment using C++
+ Relevant degree
+ Be able to task-switch between many varied and exciting tasks.

As well as being an expert C++ developer it would be useful if you
are familiar with some of the following:

+ Trolltech Qt api's
+ Experience with web development using php and mysql, and familiarity
with AJAX is also a plus.
+ Computer vision
+ Computer graphics
+ Mac and Windows development.

Our office is located near Holland Park in London.