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Full Version: Save Path for Batch "Add Files..." dialog
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In Studio v10.6.1, File > Open Batch > Add Files..., should remember and return to the same [Drive:\Path\Subdirectory] as accessed the previous time the Add Files button was pressed (at least during the same editing session).

Currently it reverts to the default installation Drive\Path\Subdirectory of: "Portrait Professional Studio 10".

Currently accessing a deep directory structure to individually select and choose images to add to the Batch involves many redundant steps -- just to get back to the same subdirectory. If this is six, seven (or more) levels deep for each of a dozen (or more) images to be added to the Batch, the extraneous steps quickly become very tedious!

Of course, the Add Files... file browser window may be left open and individual files selected using the Ctrl+Left Mouse Click Key, but this is, at best, a mere work-around.
Would also be very helpful if the Open Batch dialog retained the same new dimensions after dragging the corner to enlarge the height and width of the dialog.

Currently, it reverts to the default dimensions whenever it is reopened.