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Full Version: Automation
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We love your product, it's the best we have tested. However it takes too long when you have 600,000 headshot proofs to do each year. Is there any way to automate a skin only process so that you do not have to select the face on each picture? We would love to be able to batch this process and use basic facial recognition. Or do you do custom work for customers? I know DP2 has a feature that is similiar although I have not seen it.
I'd like to be able to smooth the outline of the skin to eliminate hollows. I have a photo with a hollow lateral to the right eye. I'd like to be able to fill it in.hollow temple
Hello Budphoto,

We are constantly striving to make Portrait Professional a better and more useful product. We cannot comment on our current plans, but watch this space. You may also find this forum thread interesting.