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Full Version: Portraits with eyeware or sunglasses
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How to handle pictures with eyeglasses/sunglasses?
Use the restore brush over the object in front of the face, such as glasses.

Gary, that doesn't seem to work for me. I'm using Portrait Professional v9.6 standard edition. The person in the photo is wearing sun glasses. After rendering the skin smoothing and face correction, it places two faint outlines of eyes on top of the sun glass lenses, making the subject look freaky. The restore brush has no effect at all. It does not erase the phantom eyes. It does not matter at what strength the restore brush is set. Nor does it matter if the master fade for face sculpt controls is set to zero. Any suggestions? Maybe the product just doesn't work with sunglasses?
Have you tried turning off the Eye Controls by pressing the button marked "On" next to "Hide/Show Eye Controls"?