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Full Version: Used photoshop and then portrait professional
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First time trying the program, trying to learn everything. I love this program.
5 is before, 7 is after. A picture I found online to learn on.


Love how you handled the eyes and the skin smoothing. Let us see some more of your work, from your own files, if possible.


Thanks so much, What do you mean my own files? Still new at this lol
Your own files means photos that you have taken. If you use other peoples photos, this could cause some legal copyright issues.


Oh yes I buy mine or get mine from stock sites, I should have said that lol. But I will post from my own stock Wink
You did an excellent job with PP...that chin work can be tricky, as we can see. I think your skin "density" was a good choice.
Thank you so very much, yes the chin by far was the hardest!
You managed to get rid of the double chin quite effectively Smile
Excellent...the chin looks a little smudged...missing the texture the rest of the skin has...but overall....excellent.

Ty u so very much. Yes the chin was so hard to fix and add shadowing. Not sure how to ad a real looking texture look because I pained it on by hand pretty much lol.
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