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Does anybody know what updates have been made in 10.5
Heck, didn't even know there was a 10.5. I saw another mention of it yesterday but the site and the forums don't mention it. Wonder how anyone would know it was coming...
Same here, seen a mention yesterday in one of the threads and updated to 10.5.Should we check ourselves on a regular basis ?
Strange admin make no mention of it!!
I look forward to seeing that new things they might have so, yeah, kind of has my heartbeat up a bit. Smile
I got an e-mail today from the folks at pp about upgrading today, and getting a free upgrade to pp master series?(is this a new version?) so got home checked for updates to find 10.6 my first question is What is new? and why the silence from Anthropics on updates,surely the first thing to do is let users know there is an update first and also tell us what changes have been made so we can decide if we want to download newer version.
Are there notes for 10.6?
Will we get master series when its availiable? also will it be free?,can you tell us what to expect in Master series?