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Full Version: Photo Critique
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Here is a portrait I shot yesterday.


I like very much the result that you have gotten. Perhaps you would have avoided the shade of the flower on the face. Otherwise, I like it plenty. Congratulations.
Not bad. Try reducing the power of your source light and moving it very close to the subject. That will provide a much bigger catch light in the eyes and greatly reduce the shadow of the flower on the face. - Ken Smile
ranzy Wrote:Here is a portrait I shot yesterday.


Good Job.  I used Photoshop to get rid of the shadow from the flower.
This is a great shot - tastefully processed as well.. good work.



Superb improvement..
You looks awesome.well the Photo is also very nice.
Please be in touch for future..
I liked the eye and lip enhancements, but I kinda prefer the light freckles on the original photo, they give her face a bit of fresh youthfulnes that the enhanced photo takes away...just my opinion...but the picture looks well done.